The science behind success

Helping our clients take a data-driven approach on and off the field.

Prospect are revolutionising decision-making in sport with the help of artificial intelligence.

Our AI solutions and bespoke data sets cater to sports organisations at every level, bridging the gap between on-field performance and strategic board room decisions.

Our Journey: from field to fan interest and beyond

To maximise commercial value, sports stakeholders need a deep understanding of their sporting product, and how factors such as player quality, jeopardy and competitiveness influence levels of fan interest.

At Prospect, our roots lie in empowering teams to excel on the field. The same performance analytics trusted by elite coaches enable us to objectively analyse the quality of the sporting product.

Our bespoke Interest Index also helps our clients understand how these on-field factors have affected fan interest in specific markets over time.

By combining these AI models together, we help customers unlock value across the sports industry.
Our People
Gordon Hamilton-Fairley
Co-Founder, Director of Commercial

Gordon is responsible for overseeing the business development, commercial and strategic functions of Prospect.

James Tozer
Co-Founder, Director of Analytics

James is responsible for overseeing the development of analytical models and insights at Prospect.

Meet the team
Our team of analysts, data scientists and engineers combine a wealth of technical expertise with decades of experience in supporting decision-makers across the sports industry.
Our Partners
Oval is a specialist rugby performance data and analytics provider. Oval, a joint venture between Prospect and Ellipse Data, is the official data supplier to United Rugby Championship, Premiership Rugby and EPCR, and the data provider for broadcasters including Sky Sport New Zealand, Channel 9 and Stan Sport. Oval Insights also provides proprietary advanced analytics solutions to a range of successful performance clients.
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Future Media Services
FMS is a media rights advisory business based in the UK, with a global network of independent industry specialists who bring a truly unique insight to the world of electronic media and sports marketing. FMS has advised a range of leading clients including UEFA, Bundesliga, SANZAAR and SuperSport.
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Discover how we’re using science to drive sporting success.