What We Do

Prospect blends artificial intelligence solutions with subject matter expertise to provide answers to performance and commercial challenges across the sport and media industry.

Our goal is simple: revolutionise decision-making in sport.

From the locker room through to the board room, leaders often rely on instinct and convention. We employ the analytical rigour used by the smartest firms in finance, consulting, and technology to provide coaches, executives and owners with a competitive edge.

Our Technology

Prospect Performance Analytics
We have developed a suite of AI products that give teams across multiple sports an edge. We deliver predictive and prescriptive insights that help inform-decision making from squad planning and player recruitment, to match tactics and player development. At Prospect, we believe in the power of combining data and analytics with human intuition. As such, our solutions have been designed to provide objective, actionable insights that can complement the human expertise and intuition of coaches, directors and executives.
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Prospect Interest Index
The Interest Index is a proprietary insights tool developed by Prospect to quantify underlying trends in fan interest in leagues, teams and individual athletes. Drawing from over a million data points, the Interest Index provides a proxy for historical, current and predicted future fan interest across multiple markets globally.
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We leverage these tools to support our clients with:
Across a range of sports, Prospect have developed proprietary Performance Analytics products that are trusted by some of the most innovative coaches in sport to provide predictive insights that inform:

- Squad and roster planning
- Player recruitment, retention and development
- Tactical identity, opposition preparation and match reviews

Our unique methods have been proven to be transferable across sports, and our data scientists have helped teams win titles in football, rugby and cricket.
Leveraging our best-in-class Performance Analytics, we have developed bespoke models that objectively evaluate the format of a competition and its relative strengths and weaknesses.

We can assess the likely effects of various competition structures on the sporting product, in terms of jeopardy, closeness of matches, player quality and team strength as well as fan interest and sentiment. We can then extend our analysis to the potential commercial impact, using models to predict attendance, TV viewership, and future revenues.
Selected Case Studies:
Provided Competition & Format Support
Provided Competition Format Support
Provided Product Analysis
Product & Commercial Support
Through our exclusive partnership with media rights experts Future Media Services, Prospect supports rights holders, investors and broadcasters in assessing the value of media rights, alongside end-to-end management of media rights sales processes.

Our sophisticated bottom-up rights valuation methodology incorporates Prospect’s proprietary Performance Analytics and Interest Index solutions, which enables Prospect to assess trends in demand and project the associated impact of changes in sporting product quality and fan interest on future media rights values.

We have applied learnings from our work driving on-field performance for elite teams and coaches, where the most powerful player rating models are driven by a blend of statistical inputs and the human intuition of subject-matter experts. Our media rights valuation methodology leverages this approach, combining rigorous statistical analysis with market intelligence sourced from our network of experts with over 30 years’ experience in the sports media sector and deep relationships across the industry.
Selected Case Studies:
New Zealand Rugby
Global Media Rights sales for RWC warm up match
South African Rugby
Global Media Rights sales for RWC warm up match
Media Rights sales in Sub-Saharan Africa
Prospect has developed cutting-edge machine learning models that provide predictive and prescriptive insights to help inform clients’ future ticketing strategies, support sports stakeholders in better understanding their fanbases and ultimately attracting more fans to their stadium.

Leveraging our Performance Analytics and Interest Index, we support clients in assessing the impact of sporting factors including player quality and match jeopardy on demand for tickets, alongside trends in underlying fan interest.

The Prospect team possess extensive experience advising private equity (PE) and high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) investing into assets across the sports ecosystem, including leagues, teams and technology providers.

For example, potential investors for a football club can use Prospect’s end-to-end advisory service to conduct due diligence on:

- Existing squad: valuations, strengths and weaknesses, depth charts and age curves
- Predicted performance: likely outcomes, based on current squad and set-up
- Predicted revenues: how these likely outcomes will affect club finances
- Valuation comparables: analysis of similar transactions
Selected Case Studies:
Provided Investment Support
Provided Investment Support
Provided Due Diligence Support
To go alongside our cutting-edge predictive algorithms, Prospect also has a deep understanding of the betting and data markets. We are able to use our expertise and our fan interest index to gauge likely volumes in betting markets and the resulting fees for betting rights holders.
Selected Case Studies:
Sell Side Advisory on Betting Rights
Prospect’s data scientists and engineers have built models which are used by broadcasters and rights holders around the world. We know how to provide novel insights for fans and create a more engaging experience on TV and social media.
Selected Case Studies:
Broadcast and Content delivered by Oval Insights
Super Sport
Broadcast and content delivered by Oval Insights
Prospect has worked closely with multiple CEO’s and other c-suite roles within sports leagues and teams to help curate and execute their company strategy. Our services include the preparation of fully costed business plans and KPI frameworks that link trackable marketing metrics directly to revenue projections, as well as the preparation of Board or wider stakeholder materials.
Combining the outputs of Prospect Performance Analytics and Prospect Interest Index, together with a comprehensive database of tens of thousands of historic sponsorship deals, enables Prospect to build models which predict the value of potential future sponsorship opportunities, as well as identifying actionable levers to improve returns on existing engagements.
Discover how we’re using science to drive sporting success.